…Just discovered that it’s… difficult to put ads into android games… and pretty much impossible to do without screwing the screen size, which stops you from having any viewable space with the UI included, which defeats the whole “game” thing…

So… it would seem that my efforts to make android games are pretty much useless, since I can’t monetize the apps with ads,… and since the android market requires people to jump through flaming hoops to pay for apps, and they really don’t like doing it, there’s like… no way to make money at it.

Unless you’re rich enough to hire people to do weird ways around the problem. Or are skilled enough to do it yourself.

I am neither.

So I feel like an utter failure. Like all my time was worthless, pointless, and whatever else.

…Right now, my life feels like a gaping black hole. I’m in a pretty dark place.

…Hopefully I’ll feel better soon.