Okay, I figure, maybe I’ll just document everything I’m doing on game development… Just because. If I can’t make money with ads… maybe the site will help fill in the holes.

Or maybe somebody who knows what the hell their doing will read my documentation, and correct me, or point out a better way of doing it. Either way, I figure this mystery person, or persons will probably look through the archive to find this, so I just want to point out some stuff for people who don’t hang out on this site that much:

A. I went to college for game art and design. Mostly art. Not so much programming.
B. I made a webcomic, it didn’t do too well.
C. I learned basic Java, then went into Android programming, then went into Android games.
D. 90% of the time, I have no clue what I’m doing, and I’m broke beyond broke.

That said, just to get up to date with all the stuff I’ve done on this project, which is currently known as “Inkman”, just so I have a name for it:
A. Read the apress Beginning Android Game Development book by Mario Zechner.
B. Modified the hell out of his framework for “Super Jumper” to make a framework
C. Either way, framework is like… 30% done. Right now I’m working on graphics for the spritemap.

From there, I’m using the framework to build a level editor, which, when used saves the current level information to a text file. Once I make a basic set of, say, five to ten demo levels, I’ll start building the game proper.

Ongoing problem list:
Bleeding off player velocity without relying on complicated states.
Bounding areas for environment objects. How do I handle gravity without relying on constant state checks? Such as, a stack of three boxes. I don’t want to be constantly checking whether or not there’s something under those boxes. They should just sit there until something changes. Same thing for the player character.

I really wish I had a few games from people more skilled than I to rip into. I need to see some good ways of handling things.