This is the third update? I think? Might be something else. Dunno.

Either way, Just finished the desktop version of the level editor, and grabbed some footage of the game running, and some pics.

So what is the game exactly?



Our hero, Nub, has woken up to find himself in the middle of the dreaded Sheeple Factory. A giant factory city which takes all the peoples from across the land and turns them into sheep, whose sole purpose is to make more sheep.

Nub’s goal is to escape the factory with the aid of his trusted demon gloves.

But make sure to pay attention to where you’re going, because few have ever made it out of the Sheeple Factory.


That’s the pitch, anyways. Gameplay revolves around the normal platformer stuff: Shoot bad guys, jump on top of things, try not to die, collect some crap, make it to the end. But, unlike normal platformers, the way to the end isn’t necessarily obvious. The whole game is a giant maze with dead ends, loops, and mind numbing frustration.

There probably would have been a better point to the whole game if this wasn’t my first full game. …Or maybe if a I had more people to share the workload with. Hint, hint. 

Anyways, here’s video of the game in action: