I have writer’s block? Or something. I dunno.

I know vaguely what I want to do for the next scene or two, but I can’t actually think of what to have the character say. Or like, what would be interesting? Or something? Bah. I’ll draw the next scene when I can figure that out. In the mean time, I’m still working on that program for the dojo.

JDBC:Derby is bullshit. The Date/Time data types rely on deprecated objects, which is mildly annoying. Because of it, I figure the entirety of the Java world can’t be relying on Derby, but so far everything I’ve found referencing databases in Java all point to Derby (or some godawfulgiganticnetworkdatabasething which is well beyond the scope of my little program.)

Christ, I wish everyone would get on the same page when it comes to programming.