[PROTODESIGN. This page will be updated with a whole bunch of cool stuff... eventually. For the moment though, you'll have to put up with just an FAQ about the comic.]

Where did the comic go?!? OMFG!!! RRRAAAEEEGGGGG!!!!
Yeah… the comic really wasn’t/isn’t pulling in enough money for me to survive on, so I’ve started down the long road of computer programming. So, the site has ended up being more about programming than the comic, since I can’t afford to have two different sites, and/or keeping maintaining/updating both. The comic is still here though. Hit the “comic” tab to be whisked away to a magical world… where you can download an issue or two.

What the hell is SED?
A webcomic about a kid with superpowers. It’s about growing up, changing, and then growing some more. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get a lot of it at first, it’s meant to grow and be explained as time goes on, much like life itself. SED is a metaphor wrapped in a metaphor. “SED”, by the way, is an acronym for Serious Emotional Disturbances. The comic is generally just refered to as “SED” though for simplicity sake.

So then what is the SEDiverse?
The website that SED is on, duh.
…Seriously though, the SEDiverse is just its own little universe dedicated to evolution of self. The whole thing is comic, forums, news, articles, whatever I can get people to pitch a hand in with. Of course, if you mean the Studio… that’s a different thing altogether.

How often does the comic update?
Right now, there’s an indefinite hiatus going on. The current hope though is that the comic will be revived as a video game.
…But previously, 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. There was instances of there being more comics per week, but they came and went because I’m in horrible health and my equipment is really, really shitty. Help me get a Cintiq! (And new computer,… and health insurance.)

Who are you?
The artist. Most people here call me Nine.

Nine? Like the character in the comic?
Yeah. Sort of. That 9. Although, just for the sake of everyone’s sanity, I usually go with: “The character in the comic is spelled with the number, while the real life person is spelled with letters.”

Damn, man, that’s one hell of a Gary Sue situation right there!
Not as much as you might think. The character was named 9 before I was, but since the story was based (loosely) on my life, people called me Nine.

Yeah, but 9 is like, immortal!! That’s like, the definition of a Gary Sue!!
Eh,… the character’s immortality was based on the fact that I’ve been suffered a lot of abuse over the years that should have killed me (including being hit by 18 cars and 1 bus), so it sort of became a thing amongst my friends that I was unkillable. (They started introducing me to people as “The Intergalactic Cockroach.”)

Why does everyone have superpowers?
That’s kinda a commentary on people in general.