SEDiverse Studios, as a whole, is Nine’s art/programming studio. In addition to the comic, the SS also does logo design, writing, and various other noncartoonist things.

The Mission of SEDiverse Studios is to make ends meet while trying to improve the situation of independent artists in America as a whole, by slowly branching out and improving things as we go. …In theory.

So, first we make a webcomic. Then we make it profitable. Then we start trying to make it profitable for more people, maybe introduce a new business model, then stretch a bit farther and use the profits to start trying to help other independent artist systems that are broken, then stretch a bit more.

The end goal is to make a sustainable transeconomic model for Independent Artists, and set up the infrastructure needed to support that model. But for the moment, it’s mostly just drawin da funny shit.

Over years, people have come and go from the SS. Right now, the people are pretty limited, but either way, these are all the people that keep SEDiverse Studios running:

  • Lord and Master of the SEDiverse: Christopher “Nine” Bridges
  • Story Consultant and Producer: S. “The Colorist” Campbell

Additional/Former Support for the SS has been provided by:

  • Temporary Colorist: Evanita “EWM” Montalvo
  • Investor and Secretary: “Hatman”
  • SEDhead Foreman: F. “FarBlaze” Paulino Sanz
  • DC Chief Mod: B. “Bergasms” Dennis
  • Temporary Shelter: Sarah “Angelica Demone”
  • Temp Shelter and Tech Support: Jeremy Davis
  • Temp Shelter and regular meals: Erin Keane
  • Temp Shelter, a Laptop, and some comic work: Trent “The Ladykilla Chinchilla” Walker
  • Temp Writer: Warbear/AbhorrentElms
  • Temp Writer: Mike “Southern Purple” Harville
  • Temp Writer: Mello