Ok, so I’ve decided to write a bit of a story about the nuts and bolts of making an iPhone game, but not in the traditional sense. Most tutorials out there focus on the usual stuff, the gameplay, the graphics, etc. While I will no doubt digress onto these topics, I want to talk about some of the less discussed topics. Things like architecture, planning for easy testing, data structures, level design and things like that. I will also no doubt digress onto other iOS topics as I see fit, but there you go. The first part will be about what I think is a useful development paradigm, and I’ll write it this week for an hour or so each day after work when I can work on my own projects.


Ok, so Walrus (Lolrus) suggested a nice simple game mechanic that I will work on. It involves pushing buttons down before a timer runs out. ┬áSounds simple right? well, I’m going to make it a bit more interesting, but yeah.

Part 2