CHEDr is just a little app for keeping track of loose change, prepaid cards, savings, or whatever. Hey, maybe you need to keep track of what is available in a shoebox or something.

The Keypad:

The first screen you’ll see when you open the program is the keypad.

Enter an amount if you want, or just hit the skip button. If this is your first time using the program, I’d suggest just entering an amount for a first account, then hitting the “Add to” button for this first time.

The Main Page:

After that, the main page will come up, with text up on the top describing what you’re trying to do, and with how much.

If this is your first time using CHEDr, all the values should be $0.00 and the account names should be “CHEDr Account”.

Just hit the icon for the account you want to add the value to, and presto, that account is updated with the new information.

To change the names of the accounts, or the icons, or the value represented in the account, just click on the icon for the account you want to change, which should bring you to the next page.

If you want to go back to the keypad from here, use the options button on your phone to open the options menu, and select the Keypad option from there.

The Account Information Page:

This page displays the information for the account, and includes a log, which shows the previous actions used on the account.

(In later versions, the log should be more expansive.)

To change the name or amount of the account, use the “Edit Account” button at the bottom. If you want to change the icon, you can either tap the edit icon button, or use the options button on your phone to bring up the options menu.

The Back button, as you can imagine, takes you back to the main page.

CHEDr is available on the android marketplace in both paid versions and free (ad-supported) versions.